We began our mission as an organization two years ago today.  For those interested you can read more about the first year here, but this second year is where we really have started moving forward and have been able to impact lives.  Over this past year our mission to enrich the lives of children and families affected by cancer was put into action through all of our Painting For Hope events.  We were blessed on multiple occasions with the opportunity to go the the Children’s Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center and spend time with children and their families and paint with them.  These special moments where we strive to encourage others is what we are all about.

Through these times we have seen burdens lifted, fears softened, and pain eased.  We do our best to bring smiles to faces and to make a hard time a little more enjoyable.  The sad news is that we have also seen fear, hurt, and loss.  Like those going through their cancer journeys, you get the good with the bad.  It is hard.  It is painful.  But it can be rewarding, encouraging, and inspirational.

We were able to share some of these moments at our 2014 Artist Showcase this past November.  The artwork that some of these families donated back to our organization, along with their stories were put on display and we had the opportunity to show the community what it is that we do.  The support we received was encouraging, and the proceeds from the pieces that were sold were put back in to the organization to fund more Paint Days.  It was a great way to raise support and to provide the artists a sense of peace knowing that the paintings they did went to a greater cause and to support others in their situations.  It was also a nice way for those that choose to support us to receive a tangible reminder of the impact they made.  For those that could not make it to the event we set up an online store to receive a painting for a donation made.  If you are interested in learning more or making a donation you may do so at our store.

Ultimately, this year has been one of slow growth, but growth none the less.  We are actively looking for other opportunities through this year and the years to come to continue to grow, but we will be very intentional with how that will happen.  Our goal is to make a difference for one person at a time with intentional love and specific creative opportunities for expression.  Please join us.